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Danielle Knudson for Stylcaster Summer Beauty Essentials

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Considering it’s literally their full-time job to look gorgeous for a living, we always want to know what models are stocking in their beauty cabinet. The latest face wash that has kept them breakout-free? We need it. The hair mask they use after countless heat stylings on set? Clearly it’s the one we also want to use, even if we don’t have a stylist pulling on our strands day after day. And of course, the lip color that gives them those “I didn’t try but I look this fabulous” lips? Buying ASAP.

We spoke to some of the hottest (and busiest) models.....

Danielle Knudson for Stylcaster Summer Beauty Essentials


Favorite SPF:  Neutrogena’s Ultra-Sheer
Must-Have Lip Product: Lucas Papaw Ointment from Australia!
Hair Must: Sea salt beach spray and a good dry shampoo from Amika.
Skin Savior: Shiseido’s moisturizer with SPF
Go-To Mascara: KIKO brand mascara, love it!
And, For That Emergency Pop of Color: Always a peachy nude lip.


Tsanna LaTouche for Spirit & Flesh Magazine, shot by Ronald James

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The 8 beauty products fitness blogger Adrianne Ho cant live without

The 8 beauty products fitness blogger Adrianne Ho can’t live withoutAs seen in

Fitness blogger and model Adrianne Ho looks for beauty and skincare products that work just as hard as she does
BY Carly Ostroff

As anyone who’s browsed her website, Sweat the Style, knows fitness blogger and model Adrianne Ho is the picture of health. Her regular post-workout glow aside, looking good begins from within for the Toronto-born, Los-Angeles-based 28-year-old.

“It’s important to eat well, drink enough water and get lots of sleep; that’s the way to put any face forward,” says Ho, a former The Kit cover girl who launched her blog in 2013. If Ho has the toned abs and sculpted legs to show for her interval training and boxing regimen, she also has the dewy complexion, groomed brows and glossy hair of someone who has searched out the best sunscreens, mascaras and BB creams to withstand her active lifestyle.

As a long-time health advocate, Ho is conscious of what’s in the beauty products she uses, and she treats her skin well. “I feel like if you’re putting something on your skin, it should be as natural and as nourishing as possible,” she says. “I’m always on the lookout for alternatives that have fewer chemicals.” In the same vein, when she’s working out first thing, she’ll go with a fresh, makeup-free face. That said, after a full day at the office (castings, shoots) she’ll just quickly wipe her skin before hitting the gym. “I’ll usually still have a bit of eyeliner or mascara left on,” she says, nonchalantly.

Growing up, she wasn’t so laid-back about her appearance. “When I was younger, I always wanted something else from what I had, so I would straighten my hair or try to change my features,” says Ho, whose background is French and Chinese. “Now that I’m getting older, going with my natural look has become my best approach for beauty.” That includes air-drying her naturally wavy hair, which she washes daily after her workouts, and highlighting features without trying to alter them. She looks to pro athletes for beauty inspiration. “I love how most athletes’ beauty looks are usually kept natural and effortless. I think [WNBA player] Sky Diggins is really beautiful.”

Putting health and fitness first is Ho’s beauty secret: “At the end of the day, if your skin isn’t healthy and doesn’t have a natural glow, no makeup is going to give you something totally different.”

See & shop Adrianne Ho's Vanity




We celebrated 30 years in style on June 10th! Check out Ann Sutherland and some of our Sutherland Boys

We celebrated 30 years in style on June 10th! Check out Ann Sutherland and some of our Sutherland Boys

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