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Beautiful Ty in Teen Vogue this month!

 Tye in Teen Vogue Magazine Tye in Teen Vogue Magazine

Tye in Teen Vogue Magazine

Stunning Lina for Triumph

 Lina for Triumph Lina for Triumph

Brandon Nardini in Bello Magazine

 Brandon Nardini in Bello MagazineBrandon Nardini in Bello Magazine


Brandon Nardini in Bello Magazine

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Addison in the spring campaign for Cynthia Rowley

Addison Gill for Cynthia Rowley

LG Fashion Week is in full swing!

Models were living dolls in David Dixon's Collection / Barbie collection!

Victoria for David Dixon


Addison for David Dixon



 Magalie and Sydney backstage at Mikkhael Kale


Sydney being interviewed for In Fashion with Glen Baxter!



 Addison backstage at Lundstrom!


 Bayan walking for Pat McDonagh, her first LG Fashion Week appearance!



Ty walking for VAWK at the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Sydney gorgeous at the LINE show!



Magalie at LINE


Addison at LINE



Such Golden Rules


The golden opportunity! A few weeks ago, Premier sent us Tsanna's book asking if we were interesting. Sure we were but needed to wait till the first pieces made in London were out, something that would make sense like a new tests/fresh polas combo. Here we go as Jessie Craig shot with Tsanna and fell in love, unstoppable when it came to describe her beauty and praise her potential. Still some secrets hidden for her, according to our friend photographer and you beg you to read and weigh carefully each word of this sentence! So, if you've got it, you've got: Tsanna might be the golden girl with golden opportunities to come.

Now credit to who deserves some. Sutherland Models in Canada first of all, who made us aware of the high potential of Tsanna when we saw her on their site. Obvious, almost classical beauty that can go far away on the edgy side without losing her classical soul. Then Marilyn , responsible of her launch in NY while the biggest part of the cake goes (so far) to Premier in London, actively rooting for Tsanna and prompt ot promoter her here with the right kind of materials. Ain't nothing like these stylish polas. It's all about golden rules (1st do some great polas, 2nd send then straight ahead, 3rd kudos and karma to who deserves).

Another golden rule: the more the better. One more Tsanna by Jessie Craig, one more reason to fall for her if that was still needed. We guess not but... the more the better.

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Malina in LG Fashion Week

Malina is featured in all advertising for LG Fashion Week this season!

Addison in Vogue Italia!



Wei in Glow and Chatelaine

Wei has some beautiful editorial out this month - Glow and Chatelaine!


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Claire in Vervegirl Magazine

Claire looking  angelic in Vervegirl magazine!

FW10 - A Creative Collaboration

Click here to view the entire movie

Vervegirl Magazine

Sutherland models Fayruz, Claire and Lily are featured in the latest issue of Vervegirl Magazine!

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Addison in Lula Magazine

Addison scores another cover, this time for Lula Magazine!

Ashiko in Women's Fitness Magazine

Ashiko on the cover of Women's Fitness, shot in London England.

Chloe Callahan on Zink Magazine

Chloe Callahan on the cover of Zink Magazine - gorgeous!


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