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Simon Tham for Benetton, The Gap, Abercrombie and Polo

Simon Tham continues his extremely successful season shooting for Benetton,  The Gap, Abercrombie and Polo!


Nicholas walking for Joe Fresh at L'Oreal Fashion Week

Hot Australian import Nicholas walking for Joe Fresh at Loreal Fashion Week.


Sydney at L'Oreal Fashion Week

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Lina & Claire at Cadbury Chocolate Show Gala

 Lina and Claire look fabulous in the Cadbury chocolate show gala!


Kai in Flare & Glow Magazines

Check out Kai's newest tears from Flare and Glow Magazines!


Amanda in LouLou Magazine

Amanda has a gorgeous spread in LouLou Magazine this month.


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Stylish Jessi in Allure

Check out our stylish Jessi in Allure!

Amanda for House of Spy

Amanda is the face of designer House of Spy Spring/Summer 2009.


Sarah Jackson for J Michaels

Sarah Jackson continues as the face of J Michaels, appearing in the nationwide campaign.


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Kai looks amazing!

KAI looks beautiful in her most recent editorial.


Danielle for Winners

Danielle continues to book great campaigns!


Simona is Spectacular

Simona continues to have a spectacular Spring/Summer 2009 show season.


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Claire in Fantastic Magazine

Beautiful redhead Claire is featured in this month's Fantastic Magazine.


Malaika in Wish Magazine

Malaika has a spectacular beauty editorial in this month's Wish Magazine.


Shiya for Winners

Shiya in the latest WINNERS campaign.

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