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Robyn for Polo

Robyn looks amazing in the newest  Polo Campaign.

Pamela for NARS

 Pamela looks fabulous in the new NARS campaign.

Siman Tham Rocks the Runway in NY

Male model Simon Tham rocked  the runway on his first NY Show Season, booking  5 shows including John Bartlett, Victor Glemaud, Sergio Davila, Kesh and June Ambrose.  You can also see Simon in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch, in the Polo Rugby campaign, and  on Good Morning America

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Jae heads off to Europe

Jae is back from her travels, spending time here working before heading off to Europe for the season.

Beautiful Cathy

Beautiful Montreal model Cathy has taken Toronto by storm!

Lauren & Anna for JC Penney

Watch for Lauren and Anna in the latest JC Penney television commercial!

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Alicia in Clin D'Oeil Magazine

Alicia is featured in a beautiful new editorial for Clin D'Oeil Magazine's fall issue.

Sabriane for Budweiser

Watch for Sabriane is featured in the Budweiser Campaign.

Shiya in Flare, Chatelaine, Belle & GLow Magazines

Shiya can be seen in all the major Canadian Fashion Magazines, including Flare, Chatelaine, Belle and Glow!

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Malaika in Flare, Wish & Glow Magazines

Brand new face Malaika has a gorgeous beauty story in the fall issue of Flare Magazine, as well as editorial in Wish and Glow Magazines!

Simona in Fashion Magazine

Watch for a beautiful editorial featuring Simona in the August issue of  Fashion Magazine.

Cate Chant featured in Flare Magazine

Cate Chant is featured in the August issue of  Flare Magazine, shot by Max Abadian.


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Alicia Hughes in Clin d'Oeil Magazine

Gorgeous new shots of Alicia Hughes in the July issue of Clin d'Oeil Magazine!

Sarah Jackson in Canadian Living Magazine

 Sarah Jackson is featured in the next 3 issues of Canadian Living, shot in Mexico.

Amanda in LouLou Magazine

Amanda is featured on the July cover of  LouLou Magazine.

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